It’s Time for The S&R Tire Center “Hot Weather Window Wiper Check.” Be Safe!

By Admin,,
Friday, July 26th, 2013 1:00 PM CST

The small rain showers that have hit parts of Southern Kentucky after a dry spell prove for some even during dry weather you need to check your wiper blade’s condition.

The problem is UV and ozone deteriorate the rubber, add to it the heat on a windshield of 140 to 160 degrees actually bakes the rubber to the windshield. When a stray shower takes place you turn on the wipers to find they are temporarily stuck to the windshield. A marginal wiper blade will either tear or be totally ripped off resulting in unsafe visibility and a scratched windshield that only replacing can correct.

So, feel safe and save money with S&R TireCenter. Also, for any auto needs call S&R Tire, located at 1101 Lovers Lane, 270.781.8828. Also fan them on facebook.

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