Grinstead’s Flooring and Furnishing’s Permastone Flooring: It’s Beautiful and Affordable.

By Admin,,
Wednesday, July 17th, 2013 1:00 PM CST

Welcome to everyday. The place where the moment after messy moment, real life happens. From accidental overflows to kitchen chaos, households need floors that’ll hold up to the uh-ohs and the I-don’t-think-we’re-allowed-to-dothats. The Tarkett NAFCO PermaStone Collection now at Grinstead’s Flooring and Furnishing is that kind of flooring.

It’s built so our customer’s floors can handle those dents and dings for years down the road. Plus, PermaStone is beautiful, comfortable and customizable. This makes PermaStone luxury tiles a good idea all the way around. Plus, it’s an affordable luxury floor. So go ahead. Go on living. Full speed ahead. There’s so much to love about the day-today. Especially when it doesn’t leave a mark on your floor.

Grinstead’s uses local installers and local salesmen so, the money you spends mostly in Bowling Green. They also offer Free Estimates at your home. Check out the 35 different PermaStone styles. You can call them at 843.1072 or come see them at 1353 Old Louisville Rd. Open Monday through Friday 8am-5pm and Saturday 8am-12p. Check them out on facebook.

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