Vibe Studio is knocking down results! One Member lost 13.2 total body inches in 1 month!

By Admin,,
Tuesday, July 16th, 2013 12:00 PM CST

Here’s an update from a few members who gave Vibe Studios permission to share their first month’s vibin’ results:

  • Mrs. P.D. lost 9.25 total body inches
  • Mrs J.F lost 8.9 total body inches
  • Ms B.G lost 4.85 total body inches
  • Ms. D.R. lost 6.55 total body inches
  • Mr Tb lost 13.2 total body inches  ….

More coming in every day!  Check out their brag board posted in the studio for testimonials on how their members are feeling!  So far The Vibe Studio family has reported: besides inches lost  – Knee pain relief – Back pain relief – Better posture – Sleeping better – Digestion improvements – Energy increase – Better mobility – Improved balance ……and more!


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