Bowling Green Gives Back: Community Farmers Market is seeking individuals, businesses and organizations to partner with us to provide Double Dollars! Will you step up and help?

By Admin,,
Friday, June 28th, 2013 8:00 AM CST

Community Farmers Market is seeking individuals, businesses and organizations to partner with us to provide Double Dollars for those who participate in the SNAP (EBT-Food Stamps) and Nutritional Voucher Programs. This is an excellent way to provide healthy food to everyone in our community. From their website:

Double Dollars is a cash-match program that allows participants of Senior Nutrition and SNAP (EBT-Food Stamps) to increase their fresh food purchasing power.  Customers will receive $40 worth of fresh produce for $20 of program benefits.

We want to show our appreciation for support by recognizing your donations (if you desire).  Partners will be recognized at our Community Outreach table at Community Farmers Market, on social media, in print materials and on our Mobile Market (coming in July).

“As a farmer I see the benefit of promoting program benefits like Senior Nutrition and SNAP at farmers markets.  Not only does this ensure that those funds are building the local economy, but we see a benefit for our customers.  From opening day at Community Farmers Market we saw a need to implement these programs and make them accessible to our customers.  The Double Dollar program helps us overcome price differences and the convenience of processed foods.”  Nathan Howell, Farmer

Several markets are demonstrating that with an incentive approach, we can bring significantly more SNAP shoppers to farmers’ markets to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables and put those dollars directly to work in the local agricultural economy. It is a win-win solution that deserves consideration as we debate and create the future of our food, agriculture, and nutrition policy in the 2013 Farm Bill.

Check out Community Farmers Market facebook page.  ‘Community Farmers’ Market’  A great place to make your food that much better and learn more about Folk Arts and other fine things being produced by our community.



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