Photo Restoration of Those Family Photos From B&J Gallery Is A Perfect Mother’s Day Gift! Take Those Time Worn Photos and Make Them Timeless!

By Admin,,
Thursday, May 2nd, 2013 9:00 AM CST

Each of us has a family ancestry that is deeper than we might imagine. After spending time with family over the recent months you may have passed along old photos and often time some of those are damaged.

Family photos, grandparents’ wedding photos, snapshots of family vacations, and old military photos are the most common photos B&J Gallery will restore. When it comes to photo restoration, there are endless numbers of old photos in need of retouching or copying to preserve and share with your family and the next generations. Many people are interested in their family tree and spend a lot of time tracing their ancestry, which often turns up additional old photos in need of repair. They even can take a photo and remove things unwanted in the photo:

They can also perform various edits like removing people, fixing red eye, removing items from the background, fixing blemishes, and many more Just ask!  Also the more time they have to get the work completed the more economical for you! Put more art in the lives of your family and friends with a gift from B&J Gallery. Hurry into their store on 955 Fields Dr Ste 104 off of Campbell Lane:

They are also online at and on facebook.

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