Valentine’s Day is best served with Dinner at “The Bistro.”

By Admin,,
Thursday, January 17th, 2013 10:00 AM CST

This Valentine’s day are you going to do the same old, same old? Or, are you in the mood for Love? We all know one of the best ways to share your time with that special someone is through tasting such rich and joyful feelings that exude from a meal, at The Bistro.

The artisans in the Kitchen at ‘The Bistro’ capture the tastes of Love on a daily basis but, for this Valentine’s day they are bringing something something special to your plate.

Don’t miss out on a night where love can be shared with each bite. Call ‘The Bistro’ today for reservations, while they last. Reservations can be made at 781.9646 or online via their website. Located at 1129 College Street, downtown.

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